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Impressions of how we make changes impactful together

Two become ONE - Team Development & Meeting Culture

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Becoming one great team with an effective meeting culture

How can we develop one successful team out of two without changing the organizational structure?

Together with all team members involved we mastered that challenge!

While the outcome of the 3-days workshop was impressive and exceeded everyone's expectations,
we all had a lot of fun, too.



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Leading New Work

What does New Work mean for us?

Why do we want to change our way of leadership and collaboration?

How do we develop a culture based on self-management, wholeness, and a deeper sense of purpose? 


In an interactive and prdoductive workshop 12 participants found their answers to the above questions .
Everyone left inspired and with a very precise individual next step. 

Leading the Transformation - International Leadership Development

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How can we lead a global transformation without being able to travel?

How can we ensure that our change is understood and supported by all relevant stakeholders?

How can we build trust remotely?

Together with the participants of a global leadership development program we found answers for the above
and many more questions that are critical when leading a major change.

And we laughed a lot, too.

Global Strategy Team Development


Developing a Successful Team

We can learn a lot from successful football teams when we aim to form a strong team made out of diverse members.

In this assignment we used the football analogy as a guiding theme to build and develop
a global team that is ready for the world championship!

Team Members from around the world working together on a common future vision & strategy,
leveraging individual strengths, learning from each other and celebrating successes.

While all business objectives have been achieved completely,
everyone enjoyed the entire process and still likes to recall some of the memories that were created together.

International Leadership Development Program LEAD



Leading through Empowerment, Accountability, Alignment and Development

Is it possible to change the leadership culture with a development program?

Jack Welch answers this as follows: “If you want to change the culture of an organization, change the way it develops its leaders.”


That's what we did with the LEAD program designed and facilitated to meet the clearly defined business objectives.

Participants from different regions, functional areas and hierarchy levels developed a common understanding of leadership and  created a cross-functional and cross-regional network that lasts. 

The relationships that were build here are based on trust and enable everyone to find better solutions more efficient on a daily basis.

Agile Organizational Development



Implementing an Agile Culture

How do you create and implement an organizational structure that supports
agility, innovation, empowerment & accountability at the same time?

That was the assignment.

In this project many stakeholders were involved, interviews conducted and workshops facilitated at all levels in the organization.
In close collaboration with the project sponsors a roadmap was developed that provided multiple feedback loops to ensure an approach along the actual needs of the organization while driving changes continuously.

The biggest reward is to see how in this organization now projects are build around talented individuals, who have the environment and support they need and where they are trusted to get the job done.

Which they do extremely successfully.

Pricing Strategy Workshop



Facilitating Effective Workshops

Especially when pressure and expectations are high, many stakeholders are involved and a solution seems to be impossible,

a partner who has the ability to guide a group throughout the entire process is key to success. 

In this Pricing Strategy workshop people from six different countries, seven different functional areas
and very different hierarchy levels (up to Board Members) came together and
achieved in one day what wasn't possible over several months. 

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Global Strategy Team Development

Leadership Development APAC 

Operational Excellence Team Development

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