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Focus Areas

Developing and implementing creative solutions
so that individuals, teams and organizations can grow
and live up to their full potential.

Leading Organizational Changes

The human side of change in organizational contexts

Organizational change management ensures that the new processes - resulting from a necessary change - are actually adopted by the people who are affected.

At Changellence we guide you through the entire process: from clarifying the change scope until its full implementation. 

Changellence supports you in understanding when to involve others, how to engage stakeholders, what to communicate and how to drive actions to ensure your change has the desired impact. 

At all steps we work with stakeholders at all levels on an equal footing to ensure their buy-in and engagement which is crucial for every sustainable change. 

Leadership & Team Development

Leveraging the potential of
your team

An intertwined leadership and team development ensures a sustainable organizational growth.

At Changellence we are experienced in working with leaders and teams across the globe, helping them to grow together as a team even if separated by distance & culture.

We customize our approach to the specific needs of your team's situation.

Workshop Facilitation

Making the most out of
your meetings

Well prepared and facilitated meetings and workshops ensure an effective outcome and an efficient utilization of your resources. 

At Changellence we know how to focus on the intended business outcome, making sure that the perspectives of all relevant stakeholders have been considered. 

Committment is being ensured through a collective decision-making process and specified documentation of results and next steps.

In face-to-face or remote meetings, we consider fun an important factor to keep everyone focused.

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