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About Anna Schmidt

Passion combined with responsibility and

understanding for desirable changes,

large and small

- Partner, Senior Consultant & Coach - 


"My passion lies in getting an overview and getting to the bottom of things so that people, teams and organizations can discover their calling, develop with joy and unleash their full potential."

“ Nothing is as constant as change.”

- Heraclitus of Ephesus

The two consultants not only share the same first name, but also - viewed on an abstract level - parts of their biographies. 
Anna Schmidt's experiences and insights in dealing with change also begin long before her professional life, quite independently of her professional training and further education, qualifications, competencies and experiences in the most diverse organizational forms.

Anna has gotten to know diverse teams and cultures, worked in very different organizations and experienced them in extremely different phases of development.
Whether it was a merger of two banks, the development of an SME, the spin-off of a business unit in a corporation, the development of an NGO starting in the start-up phase through the various growth phases with the corresponding pains, working in the state secretary's office of a federal ministry before, during and after a federal election and, last but not least, many years of consulting work, Anna has experienced an incredible number of change processes and gained experience.   
The essence she draws for herself today from each node of change is the realization that everything can succeed if we stay in dialogue and keep an overview, even when it is complex and challenging. That's what makes us humans social beings.

The question for Anna is not whether we want change, but how we deal with the changes that are happening.
With this in mind, she uses all her intellect, experience, empathy and great curiosity to support change processes with an analytical and loving eye as well as with alert senses, to support those involved in a strengthening way, to enable them to successfully unfold the opportunities of change.  

Contact us today and together we will find out how to make your change impactful for you!


Anna's Expertise & Experiences

Anna Schmidt is distinguished by her more than twelve years of experience as a consultant.
She has led a wide variety of workshops, developed strategies and coached people.
Her passion lies in discovering vocations in dialogue with people, looking at the big picture, fathoming any obstacles, stumbling blocks and barriers in the details and finally making paths visible that others do not yet see. Anna Schmidt's core competence is to help shape the change process as a companion and to support the implementation. 
The focus is on enabling individuals, teams and organizations to develop and grow. The systemic approach is the basis of her work, so that clients are empowered to make responsible and decisive decisions.

As a trained banker, she has familiarized herself with the world of business and broadened her knowledge and perspective through her graduate studies in economics. She perfected her intuition and empathy, as well as her structured and analytical thinking, in her training as a systemic organizational developer and systemic coach.

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