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Bob Leenen, President, International at MSA Safety

Anna and I worked together for several years during which she played a critical role in lifting the topics of talent development and succession planning up to a much higher level within the International segment of MSA Safety. In doing so, she contributed to the repositioning of the International segment for longer term success while also translating this into concrete actions items delivering short term benefits. What in particular stood out were Anna's skills at effectively facilitating senior leadership sessions, her courage to speak up and challenge people with a relevant point of view, and her passion for actively pursuing individual coaching opportunities with key talent in the organization.

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Anna Fastishevskaya, Finance Director at TAG Maintenance Services SA

Anna creates the environment of trust where the most uneasy problems can be brought up safely. At the same time she is clear that her role is not to provide ready solutions, instead, she invites people to think themselves and decide for themselves what’s best. So, her facilitation skills are just great, not only in the leadership topics which she is the most comfortable with, but even in the areas she is never experienced previously. Her solid preparation, workshops management skills are there to guide the whole group to the most efficient results.

Anna is a reflective future-oriented strategic thinker focused on organizational design and talents. She is conducting her own research on the leadership topics, constantly looking to help the organization and its leaders to face the ever-changing future. She combines the qualities of being creative, strategic and results-driven at the same time. I find it a great combination to enable changes, including the tough cultural shifts.


Dr. Heiko Will,
CTO at Safety io

Anna played a key role in our agile transformation. While spinning off Safety io from MSA she organized and facilitated workshops and discussions to form a new management structure. Her approach of involving and balancing associates and management was an exiting experience for everyone. Six months after the implementation of the new structure we're still very happy with it and our day to day work has become much more efficient. Her expertise in talent development and organizational development are incredible and we'd love to continue our agile journey with Anna. If you plan larger structural changes or want to improve talent management processes I absolutely recommend Anna as a partner for those changes!

What others are saying

Together we make your change impactful


Alexandre Picard,

Directeur industriel chez Groupe JEAN HENAFF SA

Every time I met Anna, she made me a better leader. She is an innovative and efficient coach. Her training are always very well apreciated by the teams because she is dynamic, impactfull and results oriented The type of person that any top executive should have close to him.


Jason Traynor,

General Manager, Global Fire Service Products & Integration Leader Bristol at MSA - The Safety Company

Anna played a key role in MSA’s development of a Global Strategy Team for Respiratory Protection and Fire Helmets. In this role, Anna’s people centric approach enabled the team to elevate their contribution and connections across multiple functions and geographies. Additionally, Anna encouraged the team to challenge existing norms, consistently displayed a customer centric approach, and drove a deeper understanding of how the team could influence MSA’s Global Strategy. It’s been a pleasure to work alongside Anna and she has a passion for enhancing team dynamics. Highly recommended!


Andreas Diekmann-Feige, International Channels Strategy & Administration Manager at MSA

For years I know Anna as a strong and straight ambassador for personal development. She completely embodies the philosophy that organizational development is founded and based in the personal development of the individuum. As a coach, trainer and moderator she always focusses on the audiences first. For Anna the takeaway and benefit of the trainee is always top of mind. Working with her in projects is always solution driven but never short of fun. Participating trainings provided by Anna (with her very strong coaching skills), was always eye-opening and always well invested time.

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