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NEW: Changellizer - the Change Energizer after Lunch

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

Why (do we do that)?

To bring people together that are interested in leading changes (organizational & personal), exchange and learn from each other, try new things and leave energized with new ideas. Furthermore we want to let you experience how Changellence can support you in your change.

What (do we do there)?

Together we explore different models, tools, methodologies that are designed to support organizational, team and personal development.

In addition we always practice some creativity & collaboration techniques that can be easily applied to other situations.

How (do we do it)?

1) Interactive Check-In

2) Input

3) Hands-on Breakout Session

4) Debrief & Transfer

5) Reflection & Feedback

After an energizing check-in, you receive a brief input on the focus topic. In smaller breakout groups you apply the theory to a concrete situation. At the end we share how we are using the model in the organizational reality before you get the chance to reflect & provide your feedback.

That all happens in just a bit more than one hour!

Want to try out for free? Register on the homepage now: !

Some visual impressions...

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