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About Clarisse

International & Intercultural Competence in Coaching, Team & Leadership Development
Clarisse's Experience and Expertise

Clarisse Chanel

- Professional Certified Coach, Facilitator & Trainer -

Clarisse is passionate about helping people to find their right place in their work life 

  • International and multicultural leadership, team development and coaching

  • Marketing & internal communications

  • Project management 

Areas of Expertise

  • Individual coaching for professional and personal development

  • Team building and team cohesions in  the private and public sector 

  • Group coaching

    • Communications and Relationships

    • How to better communicate with colleagues

    • How to deal with stress, emotions, tenses and conflicts in professional areas

    • How to present yourself in front of an audience

  • Leadership Development

    • The basics of team management (delegation, conversations, coaching etc.) and how to lead international teams and remotely…

  • Project management & Lateral leadership

Education | Certifications

  • Business school

  • Master in international business

  • Professional coaching

Organizational Experiences

  • 25 years in industry, coming from a medium family company, paternity and dynamic opportunist style, to an international group, with more international development, and also more process, focus on performance and profitability.

  • Creation of a marketing and corporate communication department in France, integration to a European marketing service in Germany, becoming team leader and manager of the EMEA marcom department; then focusing on international shows and media services (operational marketing).

  • European project manager for internal communication

  • Leading and coaching multicultural teams

  • Learning professional coaching

  • Self development

Business Language

  • French

  • English

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